Monday, 21 March 2016

The First Fuzzgump

The first of Mr. Fuzzgump's fuzzy funderments. All that dwells here will be fuzzy, distorted, hazy, crazy, lazy, lo-fi, downright shady, blurred, obscured, disturbed, contorted, confused, muddled, befuddled, obscene, extreme. Fuzz is love, fuzz is life - fuzz obscures the sharp realities of high definition existence. I am Mr. Fuzzgump's spokesman: Fuzz has fuzzed his ability to speak...and type. The band above are Fuzz, a side-project of Ty Segall who I thought had died but realised I was mixing him up with Jay Reatard. He's quite fuzzy too. Fuzz is pretty generic every day fuzz, sort of lazy and nasally but fun. It opens like Sabbath before getting all folky-polkly like Zeppelin but then it becomes a bit more stoner-fied and nasally and dirty and fuzzy. 

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