Saturday, 5 March 2016

Alphabetical Discovery - Week E, Day One: Epidemic Control

Epidemic Control - Logo

Today I thought I would actually discover something; whereas I've been posting bands that I know of well, or reasonably well, today I'm going to select the first random band beginning with e on Metal Archives and take it from there - in real time. This is partly because I have left this blogpost rather late in the day and do not want to break the promise I made to myself of posting

So here we have it, after about 15 randomisations the Swiss super-thrash-titans Epidemic Control have emerged from the burgundy realms of the archives. The band do not have an extensive discography; I am hoping it is quality over quantity here. 2000's Epidemic Control is the Swiss bands demo and their one and only release. Their logo is a sort of crossover between WordArt and sinister anti-religious propaganda: a truly evil combination of corporate greed and religious corruption. The band is made up of bass-wizard Fido, drum-gremlin Rola,  guitarist and keyboard harlot Hausi and lead vocalist Roman: a Gaul. They have no links on their page to any music. No band photo. Nothing. Yet, by the song titles of their five-track demo, their music transcends sound - their aesthetic manages to plant their greatness through words and into my ears. Songs like 'Gott des Feuers' and 'mistery' - an anarchistic parody of mysteries - Epidemic Control were on the cusp of greatness. In all seriousness, I apologise for this completely half-arsed approach - maybe next time, if I do this again, I'll select a band that at least has music I can listen to, and at least one full-length. But in the meantime, feel free to bask in their imaginary music. Below is a radio Disney cover of Carcass's 'Corporal Jigsore Quandry'.

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