Sunday, 6 March 2016

Alphabetical Discovery - Week E, Day Two: Ekove Efrits

Ekove Efrits - Photo

Ekove Efris a is one-man project from Tehran, Iran formed in 2001. Suicidal Rebirth, the first of their four albums, deals with the more conventional of depressive black-metal tropes: nature, death, sorrow and all other antonymous forms of happiness -yet the music isn't melodramatic, it doesn't writhe in it's overblown misery - the music is measured and varied and gives off a truly haunting and bittersweet atmosphere.

Ghostly and smoking through the mix are symphonic and folky textures riddled with traces of dark-ambient and trip-hop. It shares elements of ambient and depressive black-metal but also shares a doomy-reflectiveness akin to Saturnus - dream-like female vocals float through the album at times - and early Anathema; forlorn and gothic moments of melodic-doom filters through abrasive and vulnerable black metal. The two part 'An Elegy of Life, A Hymn to Death' - a dark and twisted dark-ambient journey - with a run length of 24-minutes ends Suicidal Rebirth; it's a varied and ambitious album that holds a unique atmosphere: part-Agalloch, part-Saturnus and part-Forogetten Tomb.

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