Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Alphabetical Discovery - Week F, Day One: Falls of Rauros

Falls of Rauros - Photo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Falls-of-Rauros-197095916993311/
Bandcamp: http://fallsofrauros.bandcamp.com/

Note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday: Monday the 14th. So just imagine it's a Monday and all will be fine.

Rising dawn forces creeping shadow into hiding; the sound of the ocean laps, swallows, pulls at desolate shorelines; an ethereal echo harmonises with a wide-arching wind  over vast landscapes: this is the sound of Portland, Maine's Falls of Rauros. Vulnerable and wispy, dreamy and raw, the band belong to a scene that passionately merges elements of folk and black-metal with deep layers of melody and sensitivity. The band have a melodic and exploratory guitar-lead sound: lines of piercing and soaring melody intertwine, smoke, and drift above echoed gazing vocals. The guitar work in the bands third full-length - 2014's Believe In No Coming Shore - is a snaking work of art, spiraling and moving throughout the 42-minutes with a magical quality. It's not typically black-metal, although that label has been attributed to the band - they're much more tender, pensive and less-aggressive; there are certainly moments where songs reach a crescendo, where drums, bass, guitars and vocals bubble and steam, but as a whole their sound flows through channels of poignant melancholy and reflection. The majority is instrumental too, vocals rise from the mix occasionally but for the most part it's the exploratory folk-etched sound that takes command. It's a very honest and beautiful sound.

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