Monday, 21 March 2016

Fuzzgump the Second

Vanessa Van Basten sounds Dutch, I haven't checked and I don't really care. She may or may not be related to the famous footballer, but I also don't care about checking that, either. She may or may not be one thing or another. I also thought that she was a classical singer - she is not. In fact listening to her/it/them makes me question the very fundamentals of my existence. On the 18th of February Mr. Fuzzgump added Vanessa Van Basten as a playlist on Spotify, he returned today to find the playlist, but he was baffled by how and why Vanessa taints his playlists. He decided to listen, expecting a light and airy fairy twinkly twangly light and feathery indie tingle wingle sound but was greeted with an unexpected dark and heavy fuzzy wuzzy doomy gloomy sound infused with a dissonant industrial sound that shocked and impressed Fuzzgump so much that he wanted me to share this with you: It's a song by Vanessa Van Basten. The riffs are fuzzy. The artwork is fuzzy in a different way - obscure, indistinct, vague, absurd and surreal in a very pleasing way. 

Note: Fuzzgump doesn't care for biography or history or truth. The only truth is in the fuzz, the fuzz is coats world with its suffocating essence. 

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