Saturday, 9 July 2016

I'm (sort-of) writing for AngryMetalGuy

If I actually do have any resident readers here who cling to my every word like leeches on crack then you'll probably be wondering where I've disappeared to over the past few months. I've been nowhere, I was here all along. Basically, the AngryMetalGuy site were advertising positions for sort-of new writers. I'm on trial for my life, like a gormless idiot I'm scampering away under the weight of AngryMetalGuy's bureaucratic force trying to prove myself to the world. I feel like a Kafka protagonist, never knowing what powers control me. This is all a bit melodramatic, the experience of writing for a real (professional?) journalistic source is exciting. Just learning the basics - formatting, meeting deadlines/wordcounts, learning the vague housestyle - is striking, but there is still a lot of freedom involved. I've had one review published (Helleborus - The Carnal Sabbath - check this shit out) and I've just finished writing another, but I don't know when that will be published. Alongside all this internet tomfoolery I've finished university and am now a full-time member of this desperate and sad world. Metal is my crutch and weapon, so watch out Brexiteers, I'm coming for you.

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