Sunday, 10 July 2016


Barishi - Photo

I found these guys on a list somewhere (not the sex-offenders register) and listened briefly to a few tracks. They are a crazy mix of The Mars Volta, Kraut, Fusion, Hail Spirit Noir and who knows what. Their album artwork is an apt representation of their sound. This is intriguing stuff. The song 'Exhibiche' opens like The Chili Peppers if their music actually sounded like an acid trip rather than a wet fart. I quite like some of the Chlli Pepper's stuff however, they just need to act their age, They're like those two kids from Bojack Horseman - Vincent Adultman. Shave that stupid moustache Anthony Kiedis. Flea put a t-shirt on. Anchorman on drums. etc. Anyway, this is nice, nice stuff. 

Barishi - Barishi

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