Saturday, 9 July 2016

Akerblogger is Back: Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows

Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows

In an effort to revive this blogging I'm going to start randomly posting about things that I am quite literally listening to at this very moment. I'm mid way through the mega-goliath new album by Inter Arma and it is a truly incredible listening experience. This thing has everything: slams, sludge, cavernous death-doom vocals, Floydian (Pink, not Rick) psychedelic flourishings, soaring and completley overindulgent yet satisfying solos, prog-rock meets southern-twang noodling, expressive and clever drumwork, and satisfying pacing and strong structures. Each song has it's own dynamic footprint, each song works within the context of the album. There's a transition between 'Primordial Wound' and 'The Summer Drones', for example, that made me feel like I was soaring upwards into the cosmos, clouds billowing past me and blinding light glaring through the gaps in the sky. Very dramatic. But this is really, really impressive stuff - immersive and jaw-dropping. I feel rejuvenated on the metal side of things. Today I've found a lot of interesting new stuff; there really is just so much out there, it's overwhelming but its better than desperately picking stuff out of a barren selection of nothingness.

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