Saturday, 6 February 2016

LIVE! Quality Live Videos #1

Rwake - 'Crooked Rivers', Live at the Muse, Nashville, 11.13.2009 (User: puretube)

Eclectic and experimental doom from Arkansas band Rwake. They are expansive and monstrous in scope and tone, imagine Remission era Mastodon mixed with the ambient horrors of Neurosis and the slow, haunting progressions of early Paradise Lost. They have two vocalists, C.T, lingering, slow moving, casting dark shadows, and B, intense, maniacal, violent; there's a captivating duality and a genuine sense of emotional outpouring. Rwake's songs are usually long, building and reaching and eventually exploding in to grooves of sludgy doom. This is a great video from a fascinating band.

Samothrace - Live at Roadburn, 2014 (User: iceaxvideo)

Great video quality and a full, clean sound. Similar in stature an scope to Rwake, Samothrace - currently based out of Seattle, Washington - play a winding, introspective and misanthropic doom that translates powerfully to the stage. There music slowly unfolds, snakes and slithers from steady doom-like rhythms to crescendo's of aggression. I love this extremely heavy style of doom: bands like Indian, Lord Mantis, Rwake, Samothtrace, and Thou; they all have an extremely heavy sound that borrows from black and crust as much as it does from doom.  Note: It's on the quiet side volume-wise.

Triptykon - 'Altar of Deceit', live at KILKIM ┼ŻAIBU (Lithuania), 2015 (User: KILKIM ┼ŻAIBU)

The sound quality from this Lithuanian festival sounds like a studio recording, it's insanely good. This YouTube channel is a gem for high quality live videos of pagan/folk/black metal bands (Skyforger, Destroyer 666, Ereb Altor, Paean, Desaster, Horna) and other eccentric variations (Exhumed, Vulture Industries, Mekong Delta) and many similar. Tom G Warrior carried over the dark and ominous atmospheres from Monotheist to his new band Triptykon. Haunting and powerful, it slowly drags and stabs at the heart, a smokey and desolate mire mire of despair and melancholy; few can really  really convey the oppressiveness that Triptykon manage to exude. 

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