Sunday, 7 February 2016

Alphabetical Discovery - Week A, Day Two: Abyssal

Abyssal - Photo

At the abyssal depths, 6000 metres down, a darkness rises and ruptures  into the world. Abyssal is the sound of impending doom, catastrophe; humanities dying cry as it dragged into the abyss, nature apathetic to frail man. Abyssal's sound is a harrowing mix of Leviathan-esque atmosphere cavernous death-metal ferocity. It is music of opposing forces, the heavy silence before disaster and the lingering solitude following. Abyssal's music is brutal and technically diverse but also subtle and vulneralbe. The band's three releases - Denouement (2012), Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius (2013), and Antikatastaseis (2015) - are vast, diverse and well-structured albums. Antikatastaseis (2015) ('anti-stability', from the greek 'kat√°stasis') - was widely praised for it's atmospheric abnormalities, it's continuation and development of the cryptic, irregular unsettling nature of  bands such as Immolation, Portal, and Ulcerate and for its more melodic - when compared to Abyssal's previous two releases - and progressive musical leanings. Easily some of the best 'atmospheric' (for lack of a better label) death metal bands out there.

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