Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Alphabetical Discovery - Week B, Day Four: Blotted Science

Instrumental Tech-death super scientists Blotted Science are a freak experiment gone right: super-freak bassist Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse fame has mutated into a technical monster alongside half-man half-machine drum-cyborg Hannes Grossmann of Alkaloid, Obscura and Necrophagist fame and mad scientist guitarist Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower and Spastic Ink. They've two releases under their cyber-belts: 2007's full-length The Machinations of Dementia and 2011's E.P. The Animation of Entomology.

Their music is beyond wankery, it's beyond human control; their music is a robotic force that constantly evolves and mutates, it's the sound of vials crashing and inhuman mixtures merging, thick heavy smoke from huge industrial chimneys seeping through vents into a cyber-world where cyborgs fight giants in a simulated cityscape. To bring it back down to earth, Blotted Science are purposely over-blown. Radical tempo changes and changes in tone clash jarringly as harsh and piercing siren noises fade in to deft 70's prog-esque harmonies before jumping in to extreme metal force; the majority of their sound is incessant head-pounding jackhammer shred-fest: jumpy rhythms, fluttering solos, drilled drumming, all mingled together, but there are also moments of pure jazz-fusion-esque groove when songs slow down (from break-neck pace to a steadier flurry of aggression).

Each member is pretty much a virtuoso; Alex Webster has traded his dirty bass for a pristine sounding instrument, Grossmann's drumming is varied and thoughtful and Jarzombek's leads are an inhuman force of technical insanity. Sometimes you need something completely bizarre and ultra-progressive, Blotted Science is that. 

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