Monday, 22 February 2016

Alphabetical Discovery - Week C, Day Three: ColdWorld

ColdWorld - Photo

ColdWorld is a one-man ambient black-metal project based in Leipzig, Germany. 2008's Melancholie² was Georg Börner's last release but, excitingly, there is new music scheduled for release sometime in the next year, or two...or three. An extension of the ambient coldness of Burzum's Filosofem, ColdWorld's sound consists of shimmering atmospheres layered upon raw sharpness; there are a lot of atmospheric bands that are heavily influenced, some even blatant rip-offs, by Burzum's sound - ColdWorld are obviously influenced but there is much more to the music than shameless copying.

ColdWorld - Melancholie²Melancholie² is has a genuinely vast and expansive sound similar in richness to Darkspace and Paysage d'Hiver; synths and heavily distorted guitars seep and swirl. It's much more alluring than the barren intensity of Darkspace, however - there is a much greater reliance on melody and harmony as violins hum and synths float with less ominousness; it is the sound of melancholy that draws influence from depressive and dark-ambient sub-genres. Production wise the guitar tones are pretty lo-fi, the drum-work programmed, and the vocals seem to levitate above the mix, yet there is something rather appealing and enticing about the production, from my warped mind at least. I like the rough, synthetic quality of many atmospheric projects, I like image of these atmospheric worlds being created from absolutely nothing into something as expansive and immersive as ColdWorld's music; a lot think it simple and easy to do and this, regrettably, means there is a lot of wet and cold atmoshperic shite out there, but when you have the skill and direction to pull such a venture off, the output can be some of the most imaginative and engrossing extreme-metal. Off the top of my head there are bands like Spectral Lore, Midnight Odyssey, Panopticon, Elysian Blaze, Burzum, Mare Cognitum, Saor, Paysage d'Hiver, The Ruins of Beverast and most likely a diverse range of other one-man projects making genuinely colorful and creative music from the confines of their blackened rooms.

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