Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tree Toppling Sludge: The Lumberjack Feedback - Blackened Visions (2016)

The Lumberjack Feedback - Blackened VisionsIt's the sound of trees toppling over, roots ripping up from the ground and flailing like mindless tentacles; it's turf and mud and rocks being fired high into the sky as vertical slams to horizontal: the sonic boom lays waste to all. I imagine this album to be the aftermath. The Lumberjack Feedback - based in Lille, Franceplay an oppressive instrumental sludge with intricate and textured Melvins-esque drum work, pounding bass heavy riffs similar to Old Man Gloom and Omega Massif, and black metal inspired progressions and structures. 

Blackened Visions - released on the 12th of January - is a captivating and detailed album. It's an abrasive and heavily distorted tree toppling tree to the face: trance-inducing build-ups collide with intense bursts of aggression. The songs weave and thrust their way through: 'Blackened Visions' will coil around your brain, draining your life force.  There are actually two drummers rather than one octopus armed man, as I initially thought, that have have the simultaneous intensity of a jackhammer and the subtlety of something subtle.  

If you like industrial drones, grating feedback, intense and nuanced drumming, slow and sludgy riffing mixed up with a bluesy-Melvins groove along with melodies and progression - in 'Mah Song' in particular - that sound like something taken from Taake's Bjoergvin, you'll like this. 

Rating: 8.25/10

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