Sunday, 10 January 2016

Brutal Bandcamp: Interesting New and Upcoming Releases

Skyless Aeons - The Era of Famine (2016)

This debut EP by Skyless Aeons is monstrous. 35-minutes and four sweeping songs worth of intense songs blackened-death: riffs aplenty, interesting transitions, and solos smothered by a lead-heavy old-school sounding production. The vocals are inhuman and loud in the mix fluctuating from mid-to-high range shrieks similar to Anaal Nathrakh to mid-range growls. There are moments of real technical efficiency - think Gorguts and Mithras - along with an atmospheric undertone akin to Ulcerate and Flourishing. I highly recommend.

Rorschach - 2016 Demo

Named after the anti-hero of Alan Moore's Watchmen, Rorschach, from the Netherlands, play a dark and ominous post-metal that wouldn't sound out of place as a soundtrack to Alan Moore's seedy, violent and dark graphic novels. With voice-samples from Carl Sagan and Alan Watts and titles such as 'The Pale Blue Dot' and 'Mind of Man' Rorschach dwell in an existential nightmare, a nihilistic cosmic existence void of purpose and meaning . They remind me of early Isis and German sludge metal band Omega Massif with their ability to mix atmosphere with solid riffage.

Old Man of the Desert - Reversal (2016)

A one-man instrumental metal project from Russia, Reversal by Old Man Of The Desert is a melancholic mix of post-rock and black metal. Introspective shoegaze elements mix with a heaviness similar to Heretoir and  Lantlos while structures and soundscapes give off a Russian Circles vibe.

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