Friday, 28 October 2016

100th Post

For my 100th post I'd just like to declare my love for metal.

At this current moment in time I feel just as, if not more, excited than when I first properly delved into extreme metal about 4 years ago.

October has been a bloody brilliant month for metal releases. Sadly there are just too many bands, too many albums, and too little time to dedicate myself to all of them.

I'd really like to restart this little blogging platform and start posting on a more regular basis. Less formal shizz and more insane yet legible rantings. At first I wanted to create a legacy, like Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes, now I'm happy to just ramble on like Festus of Eugene (a reference for all you wrestling fans out there (actually, I get no readers, this is literally just me)),

So this is going to be less structured and more rambling, but I'll throw up the odd in-depth and detailed review/article if something really manages to tickle my pickle. I'm going to be very busy until Christmas really, but I'll find the time. Discipline over motivation.

If anyone is here: Hello! I'm writing reviews for AngryMetalGuy currently, it's quite a bizarre feeling because I've always looked up to the site because of its professionalism and in-depth, fair, well-researched, and talented reviews written by people with an eye and an ear for the language as well as music.

All things are looking up - digitally and in the real world. Let's just wait for my next collapse, aye.

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